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Porsche Instagram Advent Calendar 2018.

In its incredible 70-year history, Porsche has amassed a wealth of fascinating facts and figures. So we felt it would be rude not to make the most of them in an Instagram Advent Calendar. Coming soon to the Work section. To see it in all its glory, head over to Instagram and check out @porsche_gb

If the Earth was 100 pixels wide…

This superb website made by David Paliwoda shows how far Mars is from Earth in pixels.

10mins 49.9secs.

In the hands of Rhys Millen it broke the production SUV record for the 12.42-mile course by two minutes, in just 10:49.9.

2018 Porsche 911 RSR racing cars.

The Porsche 911 RSR will be taking to the Le Mans circuit in 2018, with two in special throwback liveries.


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